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  • Thailand to China Fresh durian & mangosteen

    Here I want to share the market rates of fresh durian and mangosteen in Thailand.POLLaem ChabangPODNanshaShekouQinzhouChinaCarrierSITC USD 80040RFNanshaShekouQinzhou EMC USD 90040RFHong KongNanshaShekou WHL USD 85040RFonly to Nansha CULINE USD 1150NanshaShekouValidity to the end of MayWe can also provide the whole chain service from DoorChantaburi to CYNanshaShekouQinzhouAll inTHB 9000040RFCarrier SITCExclude OFLocal service truck & customTHB 5150040RFinclude TaxWhole chain by truck from Chantaburi to BotenLaosTHB 13000040RFWhole chain by truckrail from Chantaburi to Wangjiayin West StationKun MingTHB 18000040RF

  • Ocean freight List

    Laem Chabang
  • 2023-05-23

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  • Airfreight Promotional Offer

    We have a promotional airfreight offer from Islamabad Airport to Istanbul Airport for 100 kgs and above on PIA Pakistan International Airlines which is USD 1.60 per kgs flat with USD 55 Due Carrier for all FOB shipments.

  • Air Freight List

  • 2023-04-12

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