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Advantage Rate


Vessel owner company:MU
Vessel Name:
Vessel Type:
Vessel Location:
Established in: -
POL: -
POD: -
Valid time: -
Vessel Built in the Year of:
Container Type:
Valid Date: -
Voyage time: Days
Ultimate Load: 20' : , 40' :
Mimimum Quantity:/ TEU
Terms of Payment:
B/L Requirments:
Remark:IST-PVG -- MU Airlines --- 0.75 USD per kgs --- AWB 95 USD per BL. ---- Validity 24.01.2024 Rates are based on standard weight-measurement ratio. Airfreight 1cbm 167 kg After measurement cargos at airlines wh we will base and calculate on actual volume weight. Pls note that customs procedures should be done by the shipper exp docs needs to provided by them.Rates are not valid for DGR -- Liquid flammable.. etc cargos only valid for general cargos stackable cargos.Above quote excludes all destinations charges storage demurrage charges.Rates are not incl insurance We have no responsibility if receiver does not take their goods from the warehouse of airport.Space availability will be subject to booking.We are not responsible about delay fm the airlines cancel flights and stand by flights fm them.
Post Date:2023-12-28

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