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Welcome! New Golden Member from Israel ———— Nativ Cargo

Time:2024-05-29 Publisher:Kevin Num:225

It is our great honor to announce that Nativ Cargo has joined GLA Family as a golden member from Israel ,If you need Israel service, you can feel free to contact Mr. ILAN.

About Nativ Cargo

Nativ Cargo is a freight forwarder or a cargo agent. We are an effective quality firm who specialize in helping ANY cargo to be moved from point A to point B.

Over the years our company helped delivering numerous cargos of varied nature such as: textile products minerals vehicles machines structures and even entire factories.

Our years-worth of experience with freight forwarding allows us to help our clients with every stage of the shipment: Planning and scheduling of the shipment, Handling documentation and required paperwork, Negotiating with carriers for best quotes, Booking and paying suppliers on behalf of the client, Packing and loading of cargo, Receiving cargo at port or any other desired destination, Clearing from customsDelivery of cargo to its final destination, Warehousing and storing.

Nativ Cargo provides its services all over the world.

The company forwards international or domestic freights by land ocean or air. 

Their Services Include:

  • Sea freight forwarder , Air freight forwarder , LCL, Perishable Shipments 

  • Heavy-lifts chartering , Roro logistics , Oog containers 

  • Inland transport, Custom brokers , Warehousing, Port services 

Let's warmly welcome Nativ Cargo to join GLA Family from 2024 to 2027.

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