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Last Chance to Avail the Early Bird Offer at the 11th GLA Global Logistics Conference

Time:2024-06-13 Publisher:Kevin Num:848

The 11th GLA Global Logistics Conference is set to be a landmark logistics event, offering unparalleled networking opportunities, and exploring fresh prospects in the logistics sector. This conference is your chance to connect with a global network, discover cutting-edge solutions, and unlock transformative opportunities for your logistics career or business.

We are thrilled to announce that the Early Bird Registration for the Thailand Conference is ongoing, allowing you to book conference tickets at discounted rates. The early bird offer is your ticket to a world of opportunities. 


Conference Highlights:

  • 2000+ Participants: Connecting attendees with a vast array of industry leaders, innovators, and peers from across the globe.

  • 130+ Countries: Helping to expand the global network and gain insights from diverse international perspectives.

  • 200+ Booths: Facilitates discovering cutting-edge solutions, products, and services that can elevate your logistics operations.

  • 100,000+ One-on-One Meetings: Stands out as a platform to engage in meaningful conversations and forge valuable partnerships.

  • Cocktail Party: Offering opportunities to unwind and network in a relaxed setting, fostering informal discussions and new connections.

  • Panel Discussions: Facilitates gaining insights from experts on current trends, challenges, and future directions in logistics.

  • Gala Dinner: A platform to Celebrate achievements and network with peers in an elegant and festive atmosphere.

  • Sports Tournaments, Thailand Tour, and much more: Offers a complete experience of the vibrant culture of Thailand while participating in exciting activities.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled experience! The early bird offer provides an exclusive opportunity to secure your place at discounted rates, saving you $200, and ensuring you don't miss the transformative journey at the forefront of global logistics. 

Only 3 days are left to avail of early bird discounts, so seize the offer and guarantee your participation in this premier event. 

Unlock the full potential of your logistics career or business. 


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