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Strike action continues, and another major port in Europe is going to strike

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Recently, the global supply chain has been in trouble again. Major ports in Europe and the United States have opened the "death block" mode.

To make matters worse, strikes by port workers and truck drivers occurred frequently.

From Korean truck drivers, German port workers, Canadian railway workers, Spanish truck drivers, to thousands of airline employees, they have launched protests or strikes.

On one side, there are full stockyard docks, and on the other side, there are dock, railway, highway and other transportation workers protesting the strike for wages.

Under this double blow, it is obvious that the shipping date and delivery time will be further delayed.

Reuters (London) reported on July 28 that the United trade union said that workers at Felixstowe, Britain's largest container port, voted for strike action due to salary disputes, and warned that the entire supply chain would be seriously disrupted.

Some sources pointed out that the income of dock workers decreased because the wage increase could not keep up with the pace of inflation. Therefore, strike action followed.

The union said, "the strike action may bring felixto to a standstill. This will cause serious congestion to road and railway transportation outside the port."

But, the labor union did not give a specific date for the strike action. However, it can be confirmed that the strike action will be held next month and has been supported by 92% of voters.

It is worth noting that British railway workers will continue to strike on August 18 and August 20 respectively after the strike action was held in June. Maersk announced that this would cause major damage to the entire UK railway network.

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In addition, more than 500 dock workers in Liverpool will vote on whether to strike on wages. The move could bring pier, one of Britain's largest container ports, to a standstill.

A worker said, "the strike was completely caused by the port operator of peel. The trade union had negotiated with the port operator before, but it was rejected."

As the second largest port group in Britain, pier port handles more than 70million tons of cargo every year. The strike action vote will begin on July 25 and end on August 15.

In fact, the large ports in Europe can no longer afford to struggle. These strikes have largely led to the basic suspension of cargo loading and unloading at major ports such as Hamburg, Bremen and William.

Although the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands did not strike, due to the transfer of cargo volume in Hamburg, Antwerp and other Serbian ports, the port is also relatively busy, and the waiting time for ships to enter the port is longer.

GLA hereby reminds freight forwarders and shippers that if you have cargo to other European ports such as the UK, you need to always pay attention to the latest port developments and contact the shipping company in time.

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